Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Flag will fly at Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is flying high on the generosity of a regional company following their donation of a new flag. One Stop Promotions specialist flag division - Flags and Flagpoles, read how the historic site’s Union Jack was stolen during an act of vandalism in August and stepped in to help. Their donation will enable a flag to fly once more over the city’s iconic building, as the pulley system, damaged during the theft, has also successfully been mended.

It’s a great relief for the site that holds many events which feature the ceremonial raising of a flag. Dave Green, Manager of Nottingham Castle said: “The generosity of this local company illustrates the extent of feeling towards civic pride in the region and we are incredibly grateful for their support. Their donation will enable a flag to fly high over Nottingham Castle a lot sooner than initially anticipated, and more importantly means money we would have had to spend rectifying the vandalism can now be put to much better use – supporting customer initiatives”.

Tim Turner, Director of Flags and Flagpoles was more than happy to come to the aide of an iconic East Midlands building: “We were so disappointed when we heard about the act of vandalism. It’s fantastic for residents and visitors to see the national flag flying above landmark buildings. We enjoy doing our bit for the local community, so to ensure a flag could be seen over Nottingham Castle again we have donated a replacement Union Jack”.

The new flag will be able to be seen flying above the site from Wednesday 8 October.