Friday, 7 December 2012

Bunting Bunting and more Bunting

Bunting: a quick guide

Bunting really is the ultimate celebratory decoration, from Jubilee's to Christmas there is bunting for every occassion. The question is which style of bunting do you go for?

PVC, the same material banners are made from, quick to print and easily customisable for your brand. On small runs it tends to be expensive on higher quantaties this is your perfect match

Pre-fabricated option, makes for a low cost on smaller quantities, however you are stuck when it comes to design, only 2 held in stock.

Polflex offers a cheap solution in the bunting world, if you are after plain colours then this is it really. They can be customised with vinyl grpahics / lettering, however this then becomes labour intensive and the Polyflex doesn't become the cheapest option. However it does make for great cheap red, white and blue style bunting.

Liven up any event in an eco friendly way, this material is made from ripstock recycled nylon bunting. It does mean the number of options is down to what comes to us, but if you are looking for a great eco alternative this is for you.