Friday, 17 September 2010

Portable flagpoles are a must for outdoor advertisers

Portable flagpoles are an ideal product for every outdoor exhibition, retail site or car forecourt requiring that little extra something. Flags and Flagpoles, part of the One Stop Promotions group have a wide range to choose from but are excited about the launch of the most recent addition to our flagpole range, the AdFlag. This is a smaller telescopic flagpole extending up to approximately 3 metres. It comes complete with a water fillable plastic base and can fly a flag of 60cm x 175cm. The whole unit is the cheapest portable flagpole available and offers fantastic value for money. One of these poles complete with a flag is just £85 reducing to £65 for larger quantities. We have many smaller garden centres and farm shops placing these at the front of their premises to attract the passing trade. We have Estate agents using them for auctions in the car parks of the pub where their property auctions are held as a visible easy way of advertising their presence. Estate agents are also using them to put outside of properties having open days. The usual trade shows and outdoor events where space is more limited is ideal for this product. One Stop Promotions are continually looking to introduce new products to further their product portfolio and are proud to launch the new AdFlag. The verstaility and portability of this new product make it such a hit.