Wednesday, 26 November 2008

How to hoist a Flag

Standard Flagpoles

Your Flag may be fitted with a rope and toggle, or clips for securing the flag. The Flag should form part of a continuous loop with the halyard rope on the flagpole. If the flag is fitted with a toggle, this will normally be fitted at the top of the flag.
Attach either end of the halyard to the top and bottom of the flag. Hoist by pulling on one end of the Halyard (ensuring that the flag is up the right way). When the flag is tight to the top of the pole, tie off the halyard that you used to hoist the flag with to the flagpole cleat, then pull the other end of the halyard tight and tie off as well (ensuring that the halyard is taught and secure).

Internal Halyard Flagpoles

The halyard is not a continuous loop on this type of flagpole. The end of the halyard rope that is on the outside of the pole should be attached to the top of the flag. To the bottom of the flag the security weight should be attached (which should be fitted around the pole). The flag should then be hoisted to the top of the pole by using the end of the halyard that is inside the pole and this should then be locked off before securing the locking door on the pole.

Portrait Flags

For portrait flags please ensure that the eyelets positioned down the hoist side of the flag are secured loosely to the flagpole (either with flag restraining loops or cable ties)। This will ensure that the flag flies correctly and does not put undue strain on your flagpole.

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