Thursday, 8 December 2011

A guide to custom flags - Appliqued flags

This is the first of a three part blog on the different types of custom flag, so keep checking up for the next update in this trilogy.

Sewn or appliquéd flag making techniques are the more common form of traditionally making national flags, although they can prove to be cost effective for low volume and relatively simple flag designs.
Some of the many flags we are asked to make lend themselves to sewn or appliqué methods of manufacture. For example, most flags of the European countries are made by sewing together the different pieces of coloured material. For some company and club flags, simple designs and lettering can be reproduced from fabric and appliquéd to the background material, creating a very attractive, impressive and visually stunning flag. These methods are perhaps most economical when a ‘one off’ or small quantity is required.
Although sewn and appliquéd flags generally produce a more visually appealing flag and quality look there are some negatives. With a sewn or appliquéd flag, pantone colours cannot be matched so may not be suitable for companies with strict corporate branding guidelines. Another slight downside is that sewn and appliquéd flags can be quite expensive depending on the intricacy of the design.
The material is traditionally a woven polyester as a background and a knitted polyester as the appliqué design.


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Dave Thompson said...

Love these custom made flags. I think these designs are very unique, and would look amazing on a flag pole waving in the wind. Maybe I'll get a flag in my front yard with my families crest on it from England. Thanks for the great post.

Sandra Johnson said...

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