Monday, 1 October 2012

Should I get a single sided or double sided flag?

Should I have a single sided or double sided flag? This is one of the more frequent questions that we encounter. First of all let’s start by explaining them.

Single sided flags
A single sided flag is exactly that. Printed on one side, but what a lot of people don’t expect is that the design is mirror imaged onto the reverse of the flag. This means your design can be viewed from both sides.

Double sided flags
A double sided flag is essentially two flags sewn together with a blanking sheet in the middle to stop show through.

So why would you choose a single sided flag over a double sided flag and vice a versa?
90% of the orders we receive are for single sided flags. Double sided flags sound like a great idea, but in reality there are some drawbacks. The way double sided flags are made (two flags sewn together with a blanking sheet in the middle), mean they tend to turn out very heavy and unfortunately don’t fly as well as a single sided flag. The other drawback is that they are quite expensive! Double flags do look great but because of these drawbacks they are probably not the best choice for the majority of people. 

Double sided X Factor flag and flagpole

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BigTexBanners said...

Single sided flags are fine for drawing roadside attention to your business, as the bright colors and movement are more effective than text for passing traffic. If you are using your flag inside, and utilizing a Feather flag or Teardrop Flag with detailed information about your product or service a double sided flag makes sense.