Monday, 15 December 2008

Flag and Flagpole terminology

Rope & Toggle - The traditional way of finishing a Flag. Consists of a wooden toggle at the top of the Flag and a length of rope at the bottom.

Applique - A Sewn woven Flag.

Anti Fray - A piece of heavy duty Nylon netting sewn onto the edge of a flag to protect it.

Badge - A coat of arms or simple heraldic symbol, such as a shield.

Canton - Any quarter of a Flag, but commonly means the upper.

Charge - A figure or symbol appearing in the field of a flag.

Emblem - A device often used as a charge (see above) on a flag.

Field - The background of a Flag

Fimbriation - A narrow edging or border, often in white or gold, on a flag to separate two other colours.

Fly - The half or edge of a flag furthest away from the flagpole. This term also refers to the horizontal length of a Flag.

Length - The span of a Flag along the side at right angles to the flagpole.

Width - The span of a Flag down the side parallel to the flagpole.

Half staff/Half mast - A style of flag display in which the flag is flown at half of the potential height of the available flag pole.

Distress - Flying the flag upside down.

Vexillological Symbol - Used to indicate certain characteristics of national flags, such as where they are used, who uses them, and what they look like.

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