Thursday, 18 December 2008

Flag Flying Days 2009

We have compiled a list of Flag Flying days for 2009 so you don't miss that special national ocassion.

Flag Flying Days

Australia Day - January 26th

Accession of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II - February 6th

New Zealand Commonwealth Day - February 8th

Birthday of Prince Andrew - February 19th

St David's Day - March 1st

Commonwealth Day - 2nd Sunday in March

Birthday of Prince Edward - March 10th

St Patrick's Day - March 17th

Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II - April 21st

St Georges Day - April 23rd

Europa Day- May 5th

Coronation Day - June 2nd

Birthday of the duke of Edinburgh - June 10th

Official Birthday of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II - June 12th

Birthday of Prince William - June 21st

Canadian Dominion Day - July 1st

Birthday of princess Anne - August 15th

Birthday of Prince Henry - September 15th

Trafalgar Day - October 21st

United nations day - October 24th

Rememberance day - November 11th

Birthday of Prince of Wales - November 14th

Wedding of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II - November 20th

St Andrews Day - November 30th

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